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Distances from Riga

Distances from Riga to the largest cities and places in Latvia. Have a closer look at the distances from Riga to the largest places in Latvia.

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Distances from Riga to the largest places in Latvia
Balozi Baloži1.3,8547.8 km 4.9 mishow
Jaunciems Jaunciems2.2,68411.2 km 6.9 mishow
Ulbroka Ulbroka3.2,80011.2 km 6.9 mishow
Pinki Piņķi4.3,03311.9 km 7.4 mishow
Kekava Ķekava5.4,60015 km 9 mishow
Kalngale Kalngale6.77515 km 10 mishow
Salaspils Salaspils7.17,60618 km 11 mishow
Jurmala Jūrmala8.54,08821 km 13 mishow
Olaine Olaine9.12,58421 km 13 mishow
Ikskile Ikšķile10.3,36827 km 17 mishow
Baldone Baldone11.2,02529 km 18 mishow
Vangazi Vangaži12.4,02031 km 20 mishow
Tireli Tīreļi13.2,10334 km 21 mishow
Ogre Ogre14.26,76034 km 21 mishow
Ozolnieki Ozolnieki15.3,40035 km 22 mishow
Ragaciems Ragaciems16.67038 km 24 mishow
Incukalns Inčukalns17.2,02839 km 24 mishow
Iecava Iecava18.4,00039 km 24 mishow
Saulkrasti Saulkrasti19.3,18440 km 25 mishow
Jelgava Jelgava20.61,79141 km 25 mishow
Kegums Ķegums21.2,37244 km 27 mishow
Beibezi Beibezi22.26345 km 28 mishow
Vecumnieki Vecumnieki23.2,48746 km 28 mishow
Klapkalnciems Klapkalnciems24.16046 km 29 mishow
Smarde Smārde25.73447 km 29 mishow
Lielvarde Lielvārde26.5,11450 km 31 mishow
Apsuciems Apšuciems27.21050 km 31 mishow
Sigulda Sigulda28.10,42251 km 32 mishow
Plienciems Plieņciems29.23053 km 33 mishow
Milzkalne Milzkalne30.68954 km 33 mishow
Kesterciems Ķesterciems31.22056 km 35 mishow
Rauda Rauda32.39057 km 35 mishow
Tukums Tukums33.18,34858 km 36 mishow
Rundale Rundāle34.90058 km 36 mishow
Engure Engure35.1,60058 km 36 mishow
Bauska Bauska36.10,53260 km 37 mishow
Seme Sēme37.35060 km 37 mishow
Jumprava Jumprava38.2,17761 km 38 mishow
Dobele Dobele39.11,22562 km 38 mishow
Ligatne Līgatne40.1,43365 km 40 mishow
Berzciems Bērzciems41.26066 km 41 mishow
Kaive Kaive42.14067 km 41 mishow
Tervete Tērvete43.2,13268 km 42 mishow
Jaunjelgava Jaunjelgava44.1,93870 km 44 mishow
Skriveri Skrīveri45.2,87970 km 44 mishow
Jaunpils Jaunpils46.1,02971 km 44 mishow
Dzedri Dzedri47.10073 km 45 mishow
Limbazi Limbaži48.8,97473 km 45 mishow
Mersrags Mērsrags49.1,86073 km 46 mishow
Kulciems Ķuļciems50.32074 km 46 mishow

1 - 50 of 121 places
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